Recommended companies: 
• Ethiopian airlines: 
Usually good prices and many options. Flies via Addis Abbeba
(Note that if you fly via Ethiopia, they will demand that you show that you have taken vaccine for yellow fever upon arrival in Mozambique)

Turkish airlines: 
Flies via Istanbul and offers trips at a fairly good price if booking quite some time in advance

• TAP airlines:
Tends to have a bit higher prices but has frequent departures to Maputo. 

Alternative way of flying: 
Flights to South Africa tend to be cheaper than to Mozambique. If you have the time and will you can save quite a lot by flying via Johannesburg. However you will then take a long bus up to Maputo.  


General information
You need a visa to visit Mozambique. You apply for the visa prior to the trip at the Mozambican Embassy. The cost is approximately ~600sek.
When applying for a visa you need: 

• Valid Passport
must be valid for at least six months, counted from the entry day in Mozambique.
Two recent passport size photos
A copy of a return ticket 
•Filled in application form

-If needed we will assist you with getting the visa via the Mozambican Embassy in Stockholm

Alternative option:
You may also get the visa upon arrival to Maputo airport


Recommended vaccines
Follow link below:

We would recommend that you eat Malaria prophylaxis to avoid any risk of getting Malaria. 

Note that above are only recommendations, all travellers should seek their own travel advice.


Medical related: 
• Mosquito repellent
• Paracetamol (or similar) 
• Anti-inflammatory gel
• Rubbing alcohol (alsolsprit)
• Fluid replacement (resorb)
• Sunscreen lotion
• Dimor (or similar)


• Mosquito net
• Flash light



Other recommendations: 


• Mozambican food is very rich with many different tasteful traditional dishes. It is not difficult to find vegetarian alternatives. 
• To be extra careful you can avoid different types of lettuce (sallads)


• We recommend you to only drink mineral water.