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a vibrant city and the capital of Mozambique

••• WEEK 2 •••
We explore and dance in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo

The second week we leave the island life behind to dance in the capital of Mozambique. Maputo with is waterside settings and wide avenues lined with jacaranda and flame trees is a city rich of culture and full of life!  We also visit and spend time in Matola the largest suburb to Matputo where Nando has build a pre-school and cultural center.  

In between the classes you will have the opportunity to explore the city filled with culture and places to visit and to see. We all stay together in a small local hostal in barrio Polana Caniço, a suburb with it's own market and local bars. A local from Polana Caniço will be preparing our meals and join us during the second week, anyone curious in learning how to prepare Mozambican traditional dishes is welcome into the kitchen try it out.
In Matola, we will have a final party with performances from both teachers and students, music, food and lots of dancing. 

During this week we will offer various excursions for anyone that wants to join for a smaller fee to cover the guide and/or driver or any entrances. Read more about what we offer throughout the week in Maputo. 

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MAPUTO A PIE - The history of Marrabenta

With a personal local tour guide passionate about the Mozambican culture and history we walk through parts of the city and stops at important places to follow and understand the history of the music and dance Marrabenta. 



For a fully relaxing time in between classes we drop you off at this hotell pool to recover from all the hard physical work. You can enjoy cold drinks from the bar and enjoy a cool swim.



Macaneta is the closest open-ocean beach to Maputo, with stiff sea breezes and long stretches of dune-fringed coast. We spend a relaxing day here, there are small restaurants close to the beach where you can enjoy lunch.


Pre-school & cultural center Mae Madalena 

Come with us to Matola and get to know the neighbourhood of Txumene and visit Nando's the newly built pre-school and cultural center.  

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Located in the center of Maputo you find a beautiful oasis and market place called Feima. Here you will find everything: art from differnent zones, necklaces, wallets, earrings, capulana articles, batiques, art in iron or wood. 



You don't want to miss a visit at the Fish market when in Maputo. Here you enjoy delicious plates with fresh seafood while feeling the breeze from the ocean. 

Overview of the schedule for week 2 Maputo
Please note that some adjustments/changes may occur but this is the main over view.
(Check-out is the 12th in the morning. If any participant is planning to stay longer in Maputo we are happy to help booking place to stay)

Pink - dance classes Light grey - taster classes Yellow - extra excursions for a smaller fee (optional but recommended)  Blue - evening happenings

Pink - dance classes
Light grey - taster classes
Yellow - extra excursions for a smaller fee (optional but recommended)
Blue - evening happenings