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Nando for Swing Magazine

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• 2007
"International Stage and Choreography",
National Dance and Music Company, 

• 2002-2006
"Choreography and Dance",
Milorho Dance Academy, 

• 1999-2002
"Culture and Dance Studies",
Cultural House of Mozambique, 

Nando Valoi

Nando has danced since he was a very young and has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer for many years. He is a former member of the well known dance company Milorho and is one of the founders and choreographers of the recognized company, Hodi Maputo Afro Swing.

Nando is a strong, talented and versatile dancer. His expertise is in the traditional Mozambican dances but he also has great knowledge in modern urban dances such as Afro-House as well as in contemporary dance and the swing dance Lindy Hop. He was proudly chosen to be an Ambassador in Mozambique for the  Frankie Manning Foundation. 

As a dance teacher Nando has long experience both in teaching adults and kids. He is very appreciated for his pedagogic way of teaching, his humble attitude and how he always fills his dance classes with positive energy. 

Nando Valoi's Dance

In Sweden, Nando has created Nando Valoi's Dance, an organization that aims to spread and share the Mozambican culture in wester countries through dance and music. In addition, Nando Valoi's Dance aims to create an exchange and connection between the traditional African dances and the swing dances and the modern dances such as Afro-House to create a greater understanding of the origin of the dances and as a way to connect to the roots in the growth and development of newer dances.  Nandos work in Nando Valoi's Dance reflects his passion of sharing the rich cultures of Mozambique and his drive to promote and spread its beautiful and strong dances.  In this work, the organization works closely with talented dancers and curators sharing this drive. Nando Valoi's Dance strongly believe in the importance of sharing the African culture and history through the dance in order to develop a greater understanding of the past and to create a strong platform to stand on when looking forward.  



• 2012-2018
Dance Company; Hodi Maputo Afro Swing

• 2006-2012
Dance Company; Milorho

• 2005-2006
Dance Company; Kuesseka Xilambo

• 2002-2005
Culture House of Alto Maé

• 1998-2002
Dance Company; Manemba