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  • Danskollektivet Sveavägen 128 Stockholm Sweden (map)

The Afro House I teach is a mix of cool dances you find in the streets and night clubs of Mozambique and South Africa. The roots of many of the steps come from the mozambican traditional dances but you will also find many steps inspired from Pantsula, a dance style born in South Africa during aparteid. I also add steps from the Mozambican dance style Pandza with its fast tempos and influnces from Ragga.

We start by warming up, working through the body to african rhythms and then continue trying on different steps on the diagonal to the latest beats from the club scenes of Mozambique and South Africa. Last, we work together as I will teach you a choreghaphy filled with the dance steps we've praticed thoughout the class.

This class is suitable for dancers at all levels, beginners to more experienced dancers, we dance together but to one's own ability.

Price: 300kr (if you are registered at any dance course at Danskollektivet you get a 10% discount)