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WORKSHOP in A Coruña/SPAIN: Lindy Hop and Afro House

  • Danzalia Mundi 28 Avenida Peruleiro A Coruña, GA, 15011 Spain (map)

A great opportunity for people in A Coruña to join this workshop with Nando and dance both the swing dance LINDY HOP and the urban street style AFRO-HOUSE! The first part of this 3 hours long workshop will be dedicated to Lindy Hop and the second half to Afro-House. 

Info about Lindy Hop: 
• Lindy Hop is an American dance that evolved in the ballrooms and nightclubs in Harlem, New York City, in the 1920s and the 1930s and originally evolved with the jazz music of that time. It is an unbashedly joyful dance, with a solid, flowing style that closely reflects its music...from the late 20's hot Jazz to the early 40's Big Bands. 

Info about Afro-House:
• Enjoy a mix of cool dances originating from the streets and night clubs of Mozambique and South Africa. You will find strong influences from the mozambican traditional dances as well as steps inspired from Pantsula, a South African dance style born during Aparteid. The Mozambican dance style Pandza with its fast tempos and Ragga influences can also be recognized in some of the steps.